1. kœnig
    Vienna, Austria
  2. Shake Stew
    Vienna, Austria
  3. Kompost3
    Wien, Austria
  4. Mario Rom's INTERZONE
    Vienna, Austria
  5. Manu Mayr
    Vienna, Austria
  6. MUCHOGUSTO - Una Ópera tragi-erótico
    Vienna, Austria
  7. Expressway Sketches
    Köln, Germany
  8. Lukas im Dorf
    Vienna, Austria


Laub Records Vienna, Austria

The Vienna-based independent label Laub Records was founded in autumn 2010 by the musicians Martin Eberle, Lukas Kranzelbinder, Manu Mayr, Benny Omerzell and Lukas Koenig. Embedded in a young, innovative and creative improvised music scene, the artists of Laub Records have created a platform for their own, genre-transcending music and ideas. ... more

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